November 4

Today was our first clinic day! We had the opportunity to give eye glasses to children at a deaf school. After getting the first day kinks out of the way, everything went smoothly. The people that hosted us were very kind and served us coffee and lunch. We love trying their food and learning about there culture, but most of all we love seeing the children smile after receiving their new glasses.

All the glasses!
A short devotion before getting new glasses.

7 thoughts on “November 4

  1. Glad you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the mission. Its always great to see the smiles on the faces when they can see and get glasses. Blessings, peace and JOY


  2. Josie, so glad you and your team finally made it to Ethiopia. You are making a lot of kids very happy. Keep up the good work. Prayers and Love to you.


  3. can’t imagine how important vision is to deaf child or the joy they must have! Big Blessings! come safe home with
    HIM. How do you say – “Can you see me now?” in sign language? Must look like a giant smile!


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